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- Pop Dance Boot Camp | Dance For Beginners

Become a better dancer (FAST) with this online dance course PACKED with all my BEST TIPS & TRICKS that I've learned over the last 20 years of dancing. I've taught (literally) millions of beginners so if you are a beginner, and you wanna be better at dancing then this is the perfect course for you!

As I mentioned in my video this is a time-limited offer, so hurry before it's too late! Click here:

Looking for a workout that’s fun, sociable, makes your heart sing and gets your lungs pumping? Let’s dance!

Your favorite song is playing. Your friends are on the dance floor. You’d love to join them. But….

- You don’t know any cool moves
- You feel awkward, goofy or wooden when you dance
- What are you supposed to do with your hands?
- You have one dance routine and you want to jazz up your moves

If you thought being a smooth confident dancer was out of the question, think again! Welcome to my online video course Pop Dance Bootcamp, where anyone can transform themselves into the life of the dance party!

Dancing is fun, sociable and a fabulous exercise. It’s so much more than just moving to music. It helps you tune out and take a step back from your daily life. It’s about feeling empowered and expressing yourself to the rhythm of your own beat.

Take this online video course and start to dance one step at a time. Learn the secrets professionals use to take dance moves and break them down to make them easy to learn. Discover the hidden health benefits that come with practicing and enjoying pop dance.

This bootcamp is everything you need to get started into 5 step by step modules you can enjoy right from home.

Whether you’ve got some moves already, or think you have two left feet, Pop Dance Bootcamp will teach you everything you’ll need to tear up the dance floor!

- How to come out of your shell and truly shine on the dance floor.
- Classic dance moves like the Charleston.
- All the health benefits of dancing. This cardio workout makes you stronger and more flexible.
- How to find your very own ‘unique’ dance style.
- Add jump moves and smooth body rolls into your dance.
- Put all your moves together while staying loose.
- The best clothes to wear while dancing (for style and comfort).
- Find popular dance moves that sing of your personality.
- By the end of this course, you’ll be dancing to your own rhythm and looking forward to hitting the dance floor.

Who is this course for?
- You. People of all ages and abilities can dance.
- Anyone who wants to feel more confident when they dance.
- People seeking new popular dance moves to add to their repertoire.
- Anyone who wants to stay in shape - you can burn up to 400 calories by dancing for 1 hour.
- People seeking an awesome way of switching off from their everyday life or stressful situations - dancing lightens your mood and puts a smile on your face.
- Anyone looking to keep their mind active - you’ve got to remember all the popular dance moves and put them together.
- Fitness and lifestyle coaches can recommend dancing to help their clients.

How will it help me?
My Pop Dance Bootcamp is designed to take even the most novice student and transform them into a confident free-spirited dancer.

Dancing is more than just letting off some steam, it builds confidence in yourself and your abilities that shine through in every part of your life.

What are you waiting for? Join now:

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